The Ultimate Eco-friendly Gift Guide

The Ultimate Eco-friendly Gift Guide

Do you struggle to find gifts for your little ones that not only inspire creativity and free play but are eco-friendly and ethically made too?

If you are looking for sustainable, non-toxic, high quality toys that will last a lifetime and not break by the time the kids head back to school, this list will provide you with all the inspiration you need! 

Constructed of wood and sustainably sourced through the Forrest Stewardship Council these toys feel beautiful to hold and will stand the test of time.


Inspire your child’s creativity and free play with open ended toys such as the Little Happy Architect and Pretend n Play sets.

Increase your child’s understanding and familiarity with letters and math principles.


Amazing practical gifts = awesome stocking fillers!


Keep gift gifting simple with pre-made gift packs


We hope this awesome catalogue of gift ideas will inspire you to give a gift of joy without costing the Earth AND won’t fill your home with cheap, tacky plastic. 


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