Side view of Natursutten dummy pacifier
Front view of Natursutten dummy pacifier

Original Orthodontic Pacificer

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Natursutten® Original Pacifier, Orthodontic Nipple

By gently touching baby’s nose, our Original Pacifier is designed to closely simulate breastfeeding and provide a soothing experience for baby.

Our pacifiers have no cracks, crevices or joints where bacteria can hide, and the naturally soft rubber does not leave marks on baby’s face. Environmentally friendly, sustainable and biodegradable, Natursutten pacifiers are better for our planet and for your baby.

Size S (0-6 months)

Size M (6-12 months)

Size L (12 months and over)

The soft material of the NATURSUTTEN pacifier has several advantages:

  • Follows baby’s natural mouth movements
  • Does not leave marks on baby’s face
  • Have shown incredible strength in the “Stretch-test”
  • 100% natural
  • Environment friendly and biodegradable

If you buy this Natural Rubber Soother, you and your baby can avoid effects used in some soothers such as:

* Allergy causing substances
* Artificial colour
* Cancer-causing substances
* Hormone disturbing substances
* Chemical softeners
* Parabens, PVC and phthalates

Why the Original Sheild?

Natursutten Original pacifier has it’s large round shield that gently touches baby’s nose in order to simulate breastfeeding in a natural way and comfort baby in the same way he or she knows so well.

The soothers will slightly change colour during use. After 4-5 weeks of use, if will have taken a more dark colour, please purchase another one or dispose of your soother. Because of their natural quality, Natursutten recommends pacifiers be replaced every 4 to 5 weeks or as needed.

They should be boiled in water for 2 minutes before using for the first time. Afterwards, they should be scalded on a daily basis, but not in the dishwasher. The pacifiers will slightly change colour during use.

The real NATURSUTTEN pacifier has its logo engraved on the shield.

  • Natursutten is made in Italy, Europe
  • Complies to European, US, Japanese, Australian and Korean standards
  • Made from liquid rubber milk from sustainably harvested rubber trees
  • Manufactured under European safety standards and control
  • Environment friendly and biodegradable

Should the pacifier look “whitish” after sterilizing?

It’s perfectly natural for the rubber to have a white tinge to it after sterilizing. Rubber will return to its natural colour in a few days.